For Mr. Floyd, Ms Taylor…

a memorial exhibition

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, Sean Reed, Steven Demarco Taylor, Ariane McCree, Terrance Franklin, Darius Tarver, Miles Hall, William Green, Pamela Turner, Samuel David Mallard, Jordan Edwards, Christopher Whitfield, Anthony Hill, Tamir Rice, Natasha McKenna, John Crawford III, Laquan McDonald, Botham Shem Jean, Jamarion Robinson, Gregory Hill Jr., E.J. Bradford, Ryan Twyman, Akai Gurley, Eric Harris, Philando Castile, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Jimmy Atchison, Emantic “EJ” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., D’ettrick Griffin, Jemel Roberson, Walter Scott, DeAndre Ballard, India Kager, Botham Shem Jean, Nathaniel Harris Pickett, Rumain Brisbon, Robert Lawrence White, Ramarley Graham, Wendell Allen, Kendrec McDade, Larry Jackson Jr., Jerame Reid, Charly Keunang, Tony Robinson, Jonathan Ferrell, Brendon Glenn, Dontre Hamilton, Michael Brown, Michael Dean, Jamee Johnson, Eric Garner, Kajieme Powell, Antwon Rose, Bettie Jones, Stephon Clark, Freddie Gray, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin… The list could go on and on, back to Emmett Till and so many others.

Black Americans killed by law enforcement or vigilantes is one of many tragic aspects of ongoing racism in our country.

Launched June 19, 2020, this online exhibition is the result of an open call for artists to respond to the killings of Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor, and so many others. Work could be concrete or abstract, broad or specific in message. In this exhibition, Works seeks to amplify creative voices calling for justice. Submissions for inclusion can be sent to

Click on any work to view the exhibition as a slide show. The exhibit includes physical and digital pictorial art, street installations, sculpture, and an original song by aspirinrose premiered here.

Hard to Breathe by asprinrose

For Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor…
a memorial exhibition

Rather than issue corporate statements, Works seeks to amplify creative voices calling for justice. We asked artists to thoughtfully respond with work for a community exhibition respecting those who have faced the ultimate deadly disrespect. Since we could not open for an in-person exhibition due to COVID 19, we decided to hold this online exhibit with no closing date. Art could be concrete to abstract, broad or specific in message, but should address this topic with respect for the lives and loved ones of those lost. Our intention was to show every work so long as it fulfills this request.

The CALL for art can be read at