Works/San Jose says thanks to all participants and visitors to Noon2Noon!

On Saturday Afternoon at 12:01pm the exhausted participants of Noon2Noon-the 24 hour art marathon and fundraiser- were out of Works San Jose. We had just spent 24 hours of grueling, yet fruitful art making.

The First Friday December 4th Art Walk  visitors came to see our efforts. The entire evening was fun and full of memorable moments. Each booth was full of artists making art, selling art or teaching visitors how to make their own. The music that accompanied the visual arts was tight. Fontaine’s Muse created an amazing atmosphere and Haptic Synapses played an all too short set.  At least they hung around around to do some 1am noodling on the music box.

Our first annual Noon2Noon proved that the community is in support of the Arts in the Bay Area! We raised funds to keep up our programming including exhibitions, concerts, educational workshops and much much more! One new way to give to Works was a big success, Chip-In. Follow this link for a safe and easy way to donate to Works/San Jose!  We will leave the Chip-In open till the end of the month

Here are the U-stream links to video and images from Noon2Noon:

beginning  noon2noon

papercraft with the art inspector

DC and the French

bad beuys

9:27 pm

1:46 am

finis (see 12:30 onward)

Once again, thank you for all your support of Works/San Jose. We wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season!

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