(anti)Valentine's Auction a great success!

First Friday was a powerful display of San Jose’s vibrant art scene. Artists and bidders all crowded into Works/San Jose to see the (anti)Valentine’s Day Auction and exhibition! Bidders jumped at the chance to buy amorous (and not so amourous) artworks by over 65 artists from the South Bay! Some works created such a buzz that bidding wars ensued, all with peaceful endings. Works appreciates everyone’s help in keeping Works/San Jose as part of the downtown art scene!

To the winning bidders from Friday’s Auction!

Congratulations on your art purchase and thank you for your support of Works/San Jose and local artists! We will be calling the winners that were not present at the end of the night to let them know they won! Pick up hours for artwork will be:

February 11, Thursday 12-4pm,

February 12, Friday 12-7pm

February 13, Saturday 12-4pm.

Please contact us if you need special pick up times for your artwork. Thank you!

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