My Favorite Nightmares, opening Halloween 7-11pm!

My Favorite Nightmares

An Art Show curated By Lacey Bryant

Nightmares. As creepy or repulsive as they may be, they fascinate us. They linger in our minds long after we’ve woken, leaving us distracted by thoughts of otherworldly fears. It is often the strange things that play in our heads at night that inspire us to create upon waking. Sometimes these unsettling dreams are rearranged from the events of our daily lives; our brains p…utting them into a senseless order, helping us to see our thoughts from an inside out perspective. Other dreams seem to make no sense at all and yet perhaps it is this “otherness” that causes us to dwell, at times giving rise to an almost a manic need to recreate the scenes that dance across our sleeping eyes, if only to have some relief once the images have been transferred to the canvas.

When we celebrate the bizarre terrors which overtake us in our sleep we are able to see what base fears we share. This will be a show of real and imagined nightmares, monsters, things that go bump in the night or cause us to gasp awake. The reoccurring night terrors that we just can’t get enough of. An admission that we kind of like to be scared.

Reception on Halloween, October 31 7-11pm & November 5 8-11pm

The art will be on display from October 31-November 25.

451 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Gallery: 408-286-6800


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