Better Luck Next Time: February 4 through 26

Have you ever heard this phrase? It is defined as “an expression that comforts someone for a minor disappointment.”  Whether it’s a matter of the heart, life experiences, work or leisure, there is almost always a time when this applies. It might be that piece of art that is loved but just didn’t fit the bill. Engaging in a conversation, examining social or political issues, creating humor, capturing history or chronicling a new work—this exhibition will reveal the artistic expression for the meaning behind the phrase. These artists are making the choice to be lucky this year, presenting some great art that will empower time and again while discovering hilarity in Better Luck Next Time.

Presented in collaboration with South Bay Area Women’s Caucus for Art. This exhibition is comprised of members of South Bay Area Women’s Caucus for Art with invited artists from Silicon Valley Open Studios and Silicon Valley Artists’ Collaborative. Guest curators: Mariana Barnes, PhD, SBAWCA Exhibitions Chair, SVOS Steering Committee; Ally Richter, PhD, SBAWCA Vice President, SVOS Exhibitions Manager, Palo Alto Art Commissioner; and Susan Kraft, SBAWCA President.

images: “Targets” by Myrrh, Acrylic on wood; “Shooting Holes In My Illusions” by Valerie Runningwolf

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