November 4 through December 10


Linda Hesh, Kiss Me/Kill Me t-shirts

November 4 through December 10

opening reception: First Friday, November 4, 7 to 10pm

gallery walkthrough with the curator and artists: Friday, November 4 at 6pm is a participation-based conceptual project launched in 2007 as an internet platform for artists, designers, and architects to propose concepts for memorials to the unrecognized civilian casualties incurred during the ongoing conflict in Iraq. Works presents an exhibition of plans and responses selected out of the pool that now exist on the site. The proposal guidelines encourage participants to use a wide range of locations and mediums to create collective memory and unity, drawing upon traditional and expanded ideas of memorial. is an effort initiated by media artist Joseph DeLappe to call upon the collective creative community to consider the cost of war from all sides. The exhibition at Works presents a selection of 54 of the most striking submissions as selected by two juror’s reviews. Featured projects span a range of creative practices including:  architecture, social media, geomapping, performance, video and the visual arts.

architectural proposal by Mehedi Amin


artwork by HakkI Erol

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