Cooperative Gaming Co-op through October 20

The arcade is dead! Long live the arcade!

Curators James Morgan and John Bruneau have brought together local to international video game designers to create a multilayered, challenging community “play” space built around the arcade cabinet as platform for interactive and interpersonal experiences. The arcade has been an important social gathering space and a place to experience new technologies through games. Games on topics from the Occupy movement to ambulance chasing and sports challenges populate individually curated cabinets. Presented by Works as part of the ZERO1 biennial.

exhibition events:

(e)MERGE ZERO1 Street Festival: Friday, September 14, 6 to 11pm

curators and artists opening reception: Saturday, September 15, 7 to 9pm

First Friday Art Walk: Friday, October 5, 7 to 10pm 

more events: game swaps, and artist/curator talk to come!

exhibition on view: September 13 through October 20

Special Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, noon to 9pm!

more at:

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