Sexpartite In Nuance: bodypainting performances through March 22


Sexpartite In Nuance

a fine art bodypaint and installation mashup between Trina Merry and Theresa Because

with human canvases, video team, and installation crews

Friday, March 7, 7-10pm

Opening Reception

Join us for first Friday art walk and experience bodypaint first hand! Wear clothes you don’t care about and come play messy twister with us and a life-sized, anatomically correct operation board all involving bodypaint! Also see a special bodypaint performance where our art alive galleries will become a giant skull and create an infinity sign out of painted umbrellas all to the sultry tunes of Tom Waits!

Free and open to the public.

Saturday, March 8, 12-6pm

Trina and Theresa mash up to create a black and white living installation where two models will be camoflauged into the installation. This will definitely make you look twice and is a fun energetic work to see created live.

Free and open to the public.

Sunday, March 9, 2-5pm

Bodypaint workshop

Special exhibition reduced rate $75

Try out bodypaint yourself! We will be doing a step-by-step workshop where Trina will guide you from start to finish to create your very own bodypainting. Make sure to bring your cameras—this will be a fun memory to capture. Materials provided. Bring your own model. (if you are stumped on where to get models, try your significant other, Facebook, model mayhem or hire one of our experienced art alive gallery models for $100). Sign up by emailing

Friday, March 14, 12-8pm

In this light, delicate re-interpretation of a living sculpture, Trina and Theresa combine bodypaint and paper cutouts to create a beautiful, highly detailed piece that will enchant you and leave you staring. Live opera with Giovanna Saldana from 7 to 8pm.

Free and open to the public

Saturday, March 15, 8am-10pm

Explore your inner self: witness a human sculpture coming to life as Trina creates a temple out of human bodies and come participate with Theresa as she makes a mandala live.

Free and open to the public.

Thursday, March 20, 6-9pm

Performance art workshop

Special exhibition reduced rate $10

Come train alongside our awesome art alive gallery models and try out performance art for yourself. This is a great way to meet and connect with the art alive gallery team on a meaningful level.

Sign up by emailing

Friday, March 21, 12-6pm

“Reflections” today we explore the concept of reflections. How do we see ourselves in others? How do we reflect our environments? How are we connected and reflected? Come see our beautiful living installation and performance art that delves deeper into the psyche. Enjoy a special collaboration with Santa Clara County Poet Laureate David Perez.

Free and open to the public.

Saturday, March 22

8am-6pm live painting, 7-10pm closing reception

“Objectified” Our role as humans living in an urban lifestyle seems to be following the trends of our peers, our community, and the media we are fed. Is this our job? We do have choices, right? Do the living spaces that surround us own us or do we own them? Our Objectified series poses these questions and allows viewers to come up with answers by creating a conversation within the self. What is all this stuff in my living space and why do I choose these material items? There seems to be a sort of cohesive relationship built between animate and inanimate objects in the home. We want to entice you to explore four powerful examples of common living spaces that will come alive through human models fashioned with body paint.

Come see the RV—first time exhibited in the Bay Area. And a brand new room created just for this special exhibitions closing reception. Enjoy a special tasting of themed foods inspired by the installations (suggested donation of $8 for the tasting, entry is free)

Free and open to the public.

Donate towards the cost of this extraordinary series:

If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation towards funding this exhibition and get your name on the exhibit on wall and in our video credits, please visit-

Membership offer:

All people who join as new members of Works/San José during the month of March will receive a special signed 5”x7″ print from the “Objectified” series.

To learn more about Trina Merry:

To learn more about Theresa Because:

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