Don’t Draw That: répondez s’il vous plaît, on view through April 11

Don’t Draw That: répondez s’il vous plaît

(Re)opening Reception: First Friday, April 3, 7pm-11pm

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Exhibition continues with new digital submissions from around the world: Qatar to Chicago, Hyderabad to Portland.

Local to international work in response to the murder of artists by terrorists in Paris, global attacks on freedom of expression, and the environment that fosters or fights aspects of these issues. The attacks and ensuing calls from many in reaction, including world leaders, for artists not to create provocative work on religion or other subjects that might offend—have spurred a wide range of responses from creative individuals and communities.

Works invited artists, cartoonists, designers, poets, etc., to submit work that responds to any aspect or point of view on these subjects: Do images incite hate and violence? Can images counter hate and violence? What should be the response of creative people to attacks on individuals or on freedom of expression itself? Are there other questions that should be posed?

Exhibition runs March 5 to April 11.

Digital image submissions will be accepted throughout the exhibit for projection:

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