Natural Extraction opens First Friday, May 1

Natural Extraction

a landscape of emerging artists

opening reception: Friday, May 1, 7 to 10pm

22 local artists draw inspiration from nature, distilling forms from the landscape to reorient themselves within the natural world. Although our species undeniably forms a part of a larger ecosystem, our relationship to this ecosystem grows ever more convoluted, as our constructed environments become considered an extension of nature itself.

Beginning in 2012, more than half the world’s population resided in cities. The romantic notion of unspoiled wilderness as a place of refuge and rejuvenation persists to this day. Yet our interpretations of landscape are inherently informed by our interpretations of urbanity; the boundaries between nature and man-made are confounded.


Cynthia Cao, co-curator

Annelise Hartley, co-curator

Shannon Belardi

Hung-Tsu Chen

Brian Estill

Kyoko Fischer

Amber Guerin

Jennifer Howell

Gloria Huet

Jaya King

Johanne Marion

Timothy McCaffrey

Kathleen McDonald

Kelly Otsuka

Joon Park

Carolyn Rowe

Ann Ryals

Kurt Salinas

Eric Shaffer

Jennifer Stombs

Robbie Sugg

Rob Toloy

On view through May 23.

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