American Gun Show on view through November 15

American Gun Show

An exhibition of artistic responses at the intersections of free speech, personal liberty, and national identity. Curators James Morgan and Dorothy Santos explore the art and technology of guns with an objective focus to provide a much needed dialogue around an object rife with cultural, social, and political meaning.

Opening Reception: Friday, October 2, 7-10pm with First Friday art walk

Public Discussion with the curators, 7pm Friday, October 23

An open dialogue facilitated by Lisa D. Walker. Admission free.

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Performances: Friday November 6, 7pm sharp, with First Friday art walk from 7 to 11pm

During the exhibition there will be a special showing of Garland Martin Taylor’s 400 lb. stainless steel gun sculpture mounted into the bed of a pickup truck.


Morehshin Allahyari

David Bowen

Micha Cárdenas

Caroline Covington

Joseph Delappe

Christopher Elliman

Nancy Floyd

Philip Bronson Gann

Vadim Gershman

Christopher Head

Charles Krafft

Linda Lighton

Julie Meridian

Joe Miller

Nick Montfort

Lydia Moyer

Tal & Omer Golan / OMTA

Barbosa Prince

Asa Scheibe

Marnika Shelton

Brett Stalbaum

Unicode 6.0

Annie Wan

Daniel Wechsler

Cody Wilson

Henry Witecki

Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Minoosh Zomorodinia

On view October 3 through November 15, 2015

December at Works: the Annual Benefit Auction!

4 thoughts on “American Gun Show on view through November 15”

  1. The Uzzi painted with the image of Jesus is extremely racist and offensive to Mexican Americans who are Christan. I realize many of your liberal artists hate religion as much as guns, but really, that’s distasteful. And that’s saying a lot considering the other pornographic pieces.

    And besides, where is the image of Muhammad on a gun? How is bullying one sector of society in any way tolerance or equality?

    As a Hispanic women that carries for protection, (empowerment, the original concept of feminism), you’ve just shown us how you really feel about us. You’re contempt is duly noted.

    1. hi Carmen, thank you for your thoughts. i don’t see how the piece is racist but understand that many images offend whoever does not agree with the particular viewpoint of an artist. your request about Muhammad is odd, but this artist, Barbosa Prince, actually did exhibit a painting of Muhammad with a gun in our exhibition “Don’t Draw That”, also an exhibit hinging on free speech, which we would not begrudge either of you. i see both your and the artist’s points, as many have killed in the name of various religions throughout history. recent exhibitions at Works have also featured very ‘pro-christian’ pieces, including a few saintly images of the Virgin de Guadalupe by latino american artists in the past year. i would disagree that we have “contempt” for you because we let someone speak who might disagree with you or even myself. while “American Gun Show” was guest curated by Dorothy Santos and James Morgan, we do usually have two exhibitions a year where anyone, including yourself, can exhibit a work of art without jurying.

  2. Hi, just wanted to say again thanks for putting up this gallery! It’s probably the best art exhibition I’ve ever seen because of how relevant the subject matter is to me personally as a recreational firearms user. This gallery had some beautiful pieces (Like the porcelain Uzi and the origami AK), some quirky pieces (like Fly Revolver and the Lipstick bullets, the latter of which I honestly could see myself buying as a gift if mass produced), and some downright hilarious pieces (the several gun dildos on display). I enjoyed partaking in the discussion too, especially when the creator of the gun dildo started talking about the history behind her “product”!

    The experience I had here about a year ago has remained in the forefront of my subconscious the whole time. It’s actually something that made me start viewing guns in a creative context and instilled in me a desire to construct a functional firearm of my own some day. I’ve been out of the loop on this thing but I hope more people had a chance to experience it!

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