Death, Destruction, and Whimsy at Works!

Death, Destruction, and Whimsy
Artists: Chris Bunz, Cynthia Yadira Gonzalez, Hana Lock, and Lydia Rae Black, guest curator.

Opening reception on First Friday, April 7, 5pm-9pm
exhibition: April 8 through May 6, 2023
hours: Fridays 12-6pm, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4pm
Closing party: Saturday, May 6, 4-6pm with artist talks and refreshments

Beauty and trauma collide in this meditation on the failures of society to understand the artist as a complete person. Four artists from extremely different backgrounds have arrived at the same conclusion—the role of the artist is filtering noise, and art is a reaction and symptom of current conditions. Avoiding the onerous expectation of providing entertainment, artists rail against the soulless manufacturing of hopeful work in a social climate that can only be described as hostile to emotional health. The exhibition will present the paradox of creating for nobody but yourself, but wanting to set it in front of an audience anyway.

Although acknowledging the absurdity of art making and being completely aware of the futility of it all, the exhibition continues through May 6.

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